The Poseidon Group, LLC (TPG) customizes all service offerings to meet the needs of the client. We partner with you to:

·  Determine project goals

·  Produce and validate the project/process design

·  Generate a base from which to track/measure project viability

·  Plan for client involvement

·  Design powerful processes

·  Implement appropriate assessments, research, data gathering, surveys, best practices

·  Generate organizational, team, individual development/change plans

·  Provide traditional and non-traditional approaches to on-going support

·  Reinforce and Support organizational/behavioral change

·  Evaluate program effectiveness

Program Management

Maintain oversight and status of all projects in a program to ensure overall program goals are met. Effectively manage risk, issues, requirements, design and the outcomes with our skilled project and program managers.  

Program Support

The Poseidon Group, LLC partners with organizations to support mission serving operations. Our clients rely on our highly skilled personnel to fill the gaps in organizational capacity in order to accomplish mission objectives. 

Operational Support

Program management, human resources, financial management, administrative support, technical services, facilities management, and more.  

Utilizing TPG's support infrastructure ensures that business operations are efficient in terms of using as little resources as needed and effective in terms of meeting customer requirements.  

TPG’s team features professionals with abundant skills and subject matter expertise.  Our ability to gain deep understanding of organizational needs enables the match of the right skills for sustainable success.   

Management Consulting

The Poseidon Group, LLC partners with clients seeking consulting services to improve performance through analysis of existing business problems, development of improvement plans, and facilitation of implementation. 

TPG is a trusted, well-respected consulting partner noted for our exemplary credentials, objective advice and recommendations, and our consultant’s specialized business experience and expertise. Consultants often stand in to provide continuity in transitional positions on a temporary basis.

TPG Consulting Services provide a blend of strategy development, change management assistance, operational improvement guidance, and technology implementation. TPG consultants’ partner with several industry leaders, which provides clients with industry benchmarks and the insight to apply best practices in unique organizations.

Technical Assistance/Studies

TPG provides expertise in applying cutting-edge research based knowledge and content, best practices, resources, and current technology to address the needs of our clients.  We provide information on different strategies and resources available to clients. 

We use observation strategies and appropriate tools to objectively observe client/program to determine prescriptive changes needed.  We analyze information from observations to guide the development of program improvement goals with measurable outcomes.

Information Technology

Use technology to improve internal operations to become more efficient and effective.  TPG has the expertise to integrate cutting-edge tools and create sustainable solutions. 

We are experienced with developing business requirements and business processes for the implementation of automated solutions.  Whether it is custom development or a COTS solution, rely on TPG for managing the implementation of your IT solution smoothly.